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into darkness (insp.)

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Peter & Jenna - Photocall in London [22 August 2014]


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We’re falling through space, you and me.


girls don’t like boys girls like the harry potter series

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We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.

c l a r a ,   t e l l   m e .  a m  i  a  g o o d   m a n ?

           i  -  d o n ’ t   k n o w .

"The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us."

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"I really like you, Harry."

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i checked in my settings if this domain was taken and it wasnt but someone has it registered but what if they’re not going to use it ughh

run you clever boy and remember me

run you clever boy and remember me

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I don’t understand anyone who says that Amy Pond doesn’t have character development.  She so clearly has an immature streak in series 5 that she loses come later series 6 and especially series 7 to the point where she’s so completely different but still so Amy and I just don’t understand how people can’t see this as a character progression.

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A couple reminders for everybody headed back to school



• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• you are fabulous
• they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation
• one friend is better than no friends
• eat a healthy lunch
• take care of yourself
• please stay safe
• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• I love you

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t h e  g o l d e n  t r i o [x]